Bobby Jones – Stroke of Genius

Ever heard of Bobby Jones? Me neither. I had not idea who he was or why the heck they would make a biopic out of his life. However, I was in desperate need for a NEW (as of 2004 or 2005) biopic about some sportsperson. Bobby Jones – Stroke of Genius was the newest I could find. Bobby Jones was an amateur golfer in the 1920s and he remains the only golfer to have won the Grand Slam (all four major golf tournaments) in one year. The movie is beautifully shot, but has some lenghts. It is all about golf and I just cannot get to excited by a guy hitting a tiny ball with a metal club. That said, I did enjoy the parts of the movie, where he is interacting with others. Be it his Mom, his Dad, his wife or his opponents. I’d still only recommend it for golf fans or biopic nerds like myself…

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