As if the election itself wasn’t exciting enough. Now we will have more excitement, as all the parties try to figure out who will be chancellor and who will have enough power to actually govern our country. Personally, I am only surprised by one thing: the strong outcome for the Free Liberal Party. 10%? How did that happen? I am still convinced, that it is the people, the Germans, not the politicians, who will have to change in order for things to move forward again.
Oh, and is it normal to be FREEZING that time of year. We had a gorgeous fall day, but it is oh so cold. My feet haven’t actually been warm since I got back here in the morning. Looking forward to going to bed early. Two more days at work and from Wednesday on, my one and only concern will be fininshing the *** thesis. 3 more weeks and I still have at least 10-15 pages to write and then proof read it at least twice. What fun lies ahead of me. Can’t wait for October 11th (aka PARTY TIME)!!

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