Just for the Girls

This picture was taken about 4 years ago, during my first visit to Chicago with my Au-Pair-Friends. And it rained the whole time (well almost). I am always joking that, even though I have been to Chicago 4 or 5 times during that year, I not once went in the summer, when it was warm. Once it rained, once it was the day after Thanksgiving (warm weather), once in March during a Blizzard and once in May, when it was Freezing cold as well! I love the City anyway. Great Museums, Great Shopping, Great Restaurants.

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Eine Antwort zu Just for the Girls

  1. Crystal schreibt:

    Midwestern weather is typically pretty yucky from Oct-May, and last Friday it started raining and hasn’t really stopped since! Chicago is really lovely though, the lakefront and parks are all nice and the shopping/restaurants 1st rate, and too bad you didn’t have better luck with the weather.

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