Train Ride from Hell

On more than one occasion, I have mentioned how much I appreciate the German Transportation System with all the trains and buses and such. I still do, really, but only IF they are on time and you can sit down and are not bothered my hundreds of crazy and drunk soccer fans. I’ve been on a train ride from hell tonight and I am so happy to be home. It was so typical about the Deutsche Bahn. They kept telling us, that the train would be 10 minutes, then 12, that 15, than 20 minutes late… And it is not warm here. In fact, it is snowing and cold and dark. The soccer fans did their part to make the train ride in the absolutely most crowded train I’ve ever been in downright unpleasant and uncomfortable. Nothing like home, I’m telling you. Hope everyone had a good weekend and started to prepare and decorate for Christmas.

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