Happy De-Lurking Week

I am jumping on the De-Lurking bandwagon. De-Lurking week was introduced by Sheryl and I’ve seen the cute little pictures all over blogs this week. So, if you are reading this, I would love to know who you are or where you are or how you got to my little place in the Internet. I enjoy every comment I get and am trying to comment on other blogs as often as I can.

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7 Antworten zu Happy De-Lurking Week

  1. Karin schreibt:

    I got here from the comment you left on my blog! I know I’ve been here before, but my German is non-existent unfortunately, so I can’t do much commenting, but thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Que buen blog … un gran saludo desde Chile y visita mi blog http://www.warketing.blogspot.com

    Sergio Gajardo

  3. Chris schreibt:

    Thank you for leaving a comment today on my blog. It is so nice to „meet“ the people who are reading.

  4. Hi There, Thanks for de-lurking!!!

  5. Kris schreibt:

    Hello, thanks for delurking! Thought I’d come over and do the same. 🙂

  6. Isabel schreibt:

    Oh I missed this post, since I was out of town.

    But this is me commenting. Not that I am a lurker!!

  7. Bridget schreibt:

    Ok, leaving a comment. I’m sorry, I don’t know much German. You would think after being married to a German man for 9 years, I would have picked some up. I know a few words, but that’s it. hehehe. Yes, my husband is German. It’s been interesting…. is it just my husband and his mother, or are all Germans non-affectionate?? ah well. I love him anyway. I have three daughters with him. They love their Oma and Opa and all their tantes and uncles. my middle daughter’s nickname is Schlumf (I’m sure I spelled it wrong for the German spelling). I was told it means Smurf in German.

    Ok, so hello and hi! I left your comment. I’m done lurking now. 🙂

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