Friends is not coming back

*UPDATE*: Sadly, this was just a rumour!

Is it wrong to be really excited about the possible return of a TV Show? Not for me. During my stay in the US, I got really into watching old episodes of Friends and enjoyed watching Rachel going through her pregnancy. At this point, she was still Mrs. Pitt and her husband wasn’t Mr. Jolie yet.
Ahh, the good old times.

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Eine Antwort zu Friends is not coming back

  1. Donna schreibt:

    No it’s not wrong to get excited about TV shows. I was waiting not very patiently for LOST to start up over their December hiatus. This, by the way is my favorite show…do you watch Lost?

    Also, I was really bummed out when Joan of Arcadia didn’t come back this season. That was another great show!

    Donna 🙂

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