Boring Life

What is new with me? Let’s see:

  • I am studying and hating it. So glad that half of it will be over tomorrow at noon!
  • I found a place to live in Cologne. Two roommates, close to where I work, affordable and with a DSL Flatrate (which was the selling point 😉
  • My sisters are both in the middle of applying for jobs and stuff and I am so excited, that they seem to focus on their future now. They are both so smart and talented and nice, I am sure they will both find something they like.
  • If you are interested in popular culture at all, I recommend you read Steven Johnsons book Everything Bad is Good for You – How popular culture is making us smarter. It so justifies blogging and computer games and TV!! He also has a very funny blog, I had to laugh so much when I read this.
  • Cute Overload is another blog I found which has been distracting me very successfully from studying.
  • Soon, I will own this little beauty, so I can take lots of picture while I am at the Berlin International Film Festival (I am so hoping to run into George or Brad and Angelina 😉

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2 Antworten zu Boring Life

  1. Isabel schreibt:

    I bet you are so excited about your new apartment. Do you know your roommates, or are they new to you?

    Happy studying!

  2. Julie W schreibt:

    Can’t wait to see your great photos!–>

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