Birthday Ramblings

Back from Berlin, back from the world of movies and fantasy to the reality of work and moving and birthdays and surgery (next week). I‘ ve had a rough flight back and a busy day today. It finished nicely with dinner and a play with my parents and my brother. My real birthday however starts in 30 minutes. I’m back home and kind of sad, that this part of my life, college life, will be over tomorrow. I guess it is appropriate, that my graduation is tomorrow as well. Probably a day I will never forget. My birthday party will be on Saturday, at home with my parents and friends and sisters and brother and grandparents. All the important people in my life will be there (almost all of them). A birthday package from Canada is on its way, I just wish, that my Canadian family could be there as well…. Time for bed now. Stories and pictures of the Berlinale yet to come.

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