Back from the Hospital

Surgery over, everything went well, even though it took them very long to remove all the metal parts in my left arm. I could leave the hospital this morning, just in time to watch Kati Wilhelm and Uschi Disl win the last Biathlon Medals in Turin at the Olympics. I so wanted to watch the relay race on Thursday, but at noon, I was already medicated, so I missed most of it. I’ll try to take a picture of my „trophy“ (the nail and the screws) later this weekend, but for now, I have to lay back down and rest…

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3 Antworten zu Back from the Hospital

  1. Shona schreibt:

    Hi Katja, I must have missed a post somewhere – what happened to your arm?? Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. Ford & Alyson schreibt:

    I was wondering the same. Hope all is well and you are feeling much better soon.


  3. Crystal schreibt:

    FYI–Katja broke her arm while skiiing with family last year, because there wasn’t enough snow, so a metal rod had to be put in.

    Katja, I’m happy your surgery went well and that you were able to still watch the Olympic coverage! Rest up and take care!

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