Thank you so much

Thanks for all your thoughts and wishes. It really helped and I am feeling so much better already. You can read about what happened (skiing accident in 2003) here and here. Basically, the metal parts in my arm bothered me (okay, I was in pain) and so they had to be taken out. I can move my arm a lot already, just the wounds (5) hurt. Nothing compared to three years ago though… The worst part was when the nurse removed the drainage. That hurt so much, I just cried. However, there is nothing like being home. I was even able to take a shower AND wash my hair all by myself this morning. I feel like a completely different person. Now I will enjoy the last day of the Olympics. We still have the chance for one more medal. Go Tobi, go!!

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2 Antworten zu Thank you so much

  1. boots schreibt:

    I am so happy that your surgery is now over and that you are recuperating nicely. I have metals similar to yours that remind me often of those painful days. Be careful now and take care.

  2. Donna & Joe schreibt:

    So glad you’re back home and feeling better. I hope your arm is as good as new really soon! Sounds like you’re well on your way to being pain free.

    Donna 🙂

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