Moving in the Snow

We did it. We moved all my stuff to Cologne and made it all the way back to my parents house in exactly 9 hours with the worst possible road conditions EVER. And it is a 300 km drive, not just around the corner. No, no! Well, it probably helped, that I only need my stuff and my clothes, because I’ll only be living in this flat temporarily. My furniture is still here and waiting for me to find a permanent place to work and to live. I seriously cannot wait to have a place of my own. Living with roomates is fun and so far I have only had the BEST experience, but as I am going on 30 (don’t laugh, those 6 years will go by FAST), I guess I’d like to live on my own for a change.
We lucked out weatherwise. It snowed a lot during the drive, but the last 100 km, it was dry. And there was almost no traffic. Some people do seem to take the weather-peoples‘ advice: avoid taking the car today if possible, but we didn’t… Now we will have a great birthday weekend I hope, as it is my Mum’s birthday on the 4th and my Dad’s birthday on the 5th of March . Funny coincidence, but very practical. You only need to make a cake once, can always give them presents together. Have a great weekend everyone, I am about to start enjoying mine.

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Eine Antwort zu Moving in the Snow

  1. Viktoria schreibt:

    i hear ya -my roommate moved in sunday; i am sick of having roomates; Having Your Own Place Rules!!!

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