I’m back online

Life is good, life is sweet. We have our Internet Connection back (actually the Router died) and I can return to blogging. Thank you Internet Gods! Nothing really exciting happened in the past days. Oh, one exciting thing. I have pretty much decided not to buy a new laptop (yes, my computer is dying as well), but a Mac mini. Any thoughts?? Experiences?? I have always wanted a Mac and no, not because of the cute-factor, but because of their amazing software (iLife anyone…). I might even order it sometime this week. What else? I saw Brokeback Mountain, Walk the Line and Elizabethtown in the last days (you can tell I missed my Internet) and I liked them all. More details to come. Good night for now.

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Eine Antwort zu I’m back online

  1. Isabel schreibt:

    Okay…here’s my thoughts..

    I have a pc laptop at work and I love it. It’s my best friend.

    We have a mac laptop at home and I can only turn it on. After that, I can’t seem to figure it out.

    But everyone says Macs are better. I’m just not convinced.

    Good luck!

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