The Answer

For all of you who played along, here is the answer:
the most expensive item I bought at IKEA on Friday were the light bulbs. Nobody guessed it though.
Yes, that’s right. The light bulbs cost nine euros, the cake was only 4 euros and the wood 1,49. The ironing board was 6,99 and the lamp 4,99 I think. So now we know how IKEA makes that much money. They offer you cheap lamps and you have to pay a lot more for the light bulbs…

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2 Antworten zu The Answer

  1. Isabel schreibt:

    How funny. I don’t think the ight bulbs at IKEA here are that expensive. I know they have cheap batteries!!

  2. boots schreibt:

    I’m surprised at that! Our light bulbs are really not too high here, not like wood, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing this info with us.

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