So many delays going on in my life right now and I am definitely one of the most impatient people ever. Just ask my parents. Delay number one is my Mac mini. The Apple Website promised a three day delivery. Well, that’s not gonna happen. I’ll be happy if I get a three week delivery. But there is nothing you can do about it. Delay number two is the recovery of my arm. I got an infection last week and was finally able to go to the doctor today (who has horrible hours btw). Now I am on Antibiotics and if it doesn’t look better tomorrow, I will have to see a surgeon! Not looking forward to that AT ALL. Because seeing a surgeon actually means cutting and blood and pain. And I absolutely hate having to leave early or come in late so often at my new job. I mean, I have only been there 3 weeks and had to do that three times already. I hate being the „girl who always has to go to the doctor“. Not that anyone actually said anything or minds that I have to do that. They are all very nice and sympathetic. Just want it to be Easter already. For some reason I think all the delays will be history by then and I will be able to move on!

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4 Antworten zu Delays

  1. boots schreibt:

    Hang in there, Katja! I’m so sorry you are having trouble with your arm. I pray that the antibiotics you are now taking with solve the problem and surgery will be unnecessary. Easter will be here soon but I hope things will look brighter for you even before that.

  2. Larissa schreibt:

    Hallo Katja,
    das hört sich ja echt blöd an! Ich drück dir die Daumen! Wär schön, wenn wir uns am Wochenende sehen können.
    Bis dann viele Grüße

  3. Crystal schreibt:

    I hope your arm will heal and that everything will be okay, I hate going to doctor’s too because I’m scared of needles.

  4. Isabel schreibt:

    Yuck…sorry about your arm. Hopefully things will start to look up for you!!

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