Three reasons why I am feeling great tonight

1. I am in Berlin for my aunt’s big birthday party tomorrow!
2. I was united with my Mac mini about 20 minutes ago and I love it! I will post picture soon!
3. My arm is so much better. Turns out the infection was caused by a thread (is it even called thread if it is in an arm?)… The surgeon removed it yesterday and all is well!

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4 Antworten zu Three reasons why I am feeling great tonight

  1. boots schreibt:

    Great! This has been a good Friday for you!

  2. Regina schreibt:

    The reason why I am feeling great: I am in New York City.

    Greetz from the Big Apple,

  3. Isabel schreibt:

    Glad all’s well with your arm.

    And SO JEALOUS that you’re in Berlin. Enjoy it for me and my husband!!! We’re hoping to go back for Christmas!!

    Oh, and glad you finally got your new computer!

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