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I know, I know, I keep neglecting this blog! I am not even sure why, but I guess one of the reasons is my new Mac. I have spend pretty much every night this week transferring my pictures, documents and music. The biggest challenge so far was importing my Outlook mails to the .mbx format and into Apple Mail, but I finally succeeded last night (thanks to this program). I am also backing up all the data, that is currently on my external HD on DVD, so I can re-format the thing and use it with the Mac. One thing is for sure. I am NOT switching back. Ever. Just too much work involved.

Work keeps me busy as well and life is just neither really exciting nor really boring at the moment. I talked to my host Mom in Canada on Sunday and they just bought a house there with a pool. The Kids are beyond excited and they invited me for the summer. I would love to go and see them all. The Kids must have grown so much since I have seen the almost two years ago. They will be 15, 11 and 12 years old this year. Teenager and Preteens, not the little Kids I met 5 years ago anymore. Time really is flying by. Soon, the oldest will drive and my little girl will not be playing with her Polly Pockets anymore (she was OBSESSED with them 4 years ago). And the 12-year-old got selected for Select Soccer at his new school. I wish he’d be here for all the World Cup Frenzy that is going on in Germany right now. I have to remember to send them some Socccer Candy and T-Shirts and Stuffed Animals if I don’t go… Flights are so expensive in August and that would be the only time I could go.

Summer vacation. An endless topic at the moment. At work, people are discussing where to go. One of my colleagues just booked a trip to Australia. I am really looking forward to a couple o days in Salzburg, Austria in May, but I guess that will be it. So many places, so little time (and money)! I’ll enjoy my new Mac mini instead….

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  1. Isabel schreibt:

    Your always welcomed here in Seattle.

    (and a house with a pool? So jealous for them!)

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