Soccer World Cup

I am pretty sure, that most people do not know, what major sports event will be hosted by Germany in the next weeks. People in Germany HAVE to know, because there is absolutely no way, that anyone could have missed the news: the soccer world cup is beginning next week. There is nothing else that people, the media, the trains…. talk about. I hate to admit it, but I am starting to really look forward to this event. Tonight is the second night in a row, that I am watching soccer TV shows. The one, that I am watching right at this moment, is about the best soccer chart hits of all time. Too funny. Especially once the soccer players start singing…

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2 Antworten zu Soccer World Cup

  1. Isabel schreibt:

    Oh, I knew and I bet things are exciting there right now. It’s got to be just CRAZY!

  2. Isabel schreibt:

    Thanks to you, The Baby is all set for the World Cup with his Deutschland soccer shirt!

    Go Germany!

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