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This will be mine

Yes, I found a place! A very wonderful, very big, very central and a little expensive place to live. I fell in love with the apartement as soon as I walked into the door. The house was build in 1954, … Weiterlesen

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This train does not go to the stadium

Australian soccer fans have invaded Stuttgart. Really, they have! They all look so cute and hopeful in their green and yellow shirts and with plastic kangaroos they carry arround all day long. I am really hoping they will make it … Weiterlesen

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I am looking for a place to live at the moment. My standards are not extremly high, but I have a few things I could not live with. This kind of kitchen is one of them! I could possibly live … Weiterlesen

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Soccer Party

This pic is a week old, but I think it really represents the state Germany is still in. There are flags everywhere, which is new for us, because flags were always seen as something nationalistic! And people are soo excited … Weiterlesen

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Wolken Originally uploaded by heutehiermorgendort. The sky this afternoon – minutes befor a severe thunderstorm with hail and lightning hit us! Our yard was even struck by lightning, which made a terrible noise and apparently created a redish white light! … Weiterlesen

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Ein Aufschrei der Erleichterung…

…geht durch Deutschland. 1:0 gewonnen in einem Fußballspiel, das so manches graue Haar hervorgerufen haben dürfte. So gut haben wir gespielt und so wenig ist dabei rumgekommen – bis zur 91. Minute und dem Tor der Erleichterung! Jetzt können wir … Weiterlesen

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Zeit, dass sich was dreht

That’s the title of the official German woldcup song by Herbert Grönemeyer! I like it, but it is really weird…. You can listen to it at the iTunes music store. So, finally, the day has arrived and the Worldcup has … Weiterlesen

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