Zeit, dass sich was dreht

That’s the title of the official German woldcup song by Herbert Grönemeyer! I like it, but it is really weird…. You can listen to it at the iTunes music store.
So, finally, the day has arrived and the Worldcup has started. I went to a really great party last night and we had soo much fun watching the german team win the opening game. My brother had more fun though, because he actually had a ticket and went to Munich. I guess, that is one thing you will always remember. Today, Argentina is playing and I will be rooting for them as well. It is so special and exciting to be the hosting nation of this major sports event. Stuttgart is packed with tourists and fans and I will try to watch at least one game on a giant screen in the city. And after last night, I think we have a good chance of surviving the 1st round. The weather has turned arround as well. Summer is here! Yeah! Last week, we had temperatures in the 50’s and I was wearing my winter coat!

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Eine Antwort zu Zeit, dass sich was dreht

  1. Ford & Alyson schreibt:

    I caught part of the German game on TV. Congratulations on the WIN!

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