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Flammkuchen, Ikea und Gemeindefest

Das waren so ziemlich genau die drei Dinge, die ich dieses Wochenende erlebt habe. Freitag abend war ich auf das Grundstück eines lieben Freundes eingeladen, nennen wir ihn mal Pierre, der für uns in seinem super-tollen, selbstgebauten Steinofen Flammkuchen gemacht … Weiterlesen

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Travel Plans

My last „real“ vacation (my definition is very special: a real vacation means getting on a plane and fly to a different country, not skiing, no weekend city trip) was in 2004, when I travelled in Patagonia and spend 4 … Weiterlesen

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Heat Wave

The heat is unbearable right now. My thoughts are slower, every movement makes you sweat and I wish, I really wish I’d have an air-conditioned office… Well, it is Friday now and if I want to I can spend the … Weiterlesen

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Guess what I did on Saturday?

I got up at 5.30 and spend the whole day on a flea market selling all sorts of crabby stuff from our basement! I did not have high hopes to sell a lot, but wanted to try! I went with … Weiterlesen

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Zu lustig!

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My motivation to blog is almost zero at the moment. In the mornings, all I do is get up at 5.30 and go to work. I have a two-hour-commute every morning AND every evening. So when I get back at … Weiterlesen

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All good things…

… must come to an end! On Tuesday, the german soccer team had to face the end of a successful tournament with two goals of Italy in the 118th an 121st minute! A very sad day! However, we won the … Weiterlesen

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