All good things…

… must come to an end! On Tuesday, the german soccer team had to face the end of a successful tournament with two goals of Italy in the 118th an 121st minute! A very sad day! However, we won the „little“ final match today with 3:1 against Portugal! The match was in Stuttgart and as everybody keeps singing „Stuttgart is much nicer than Berlin“, we sort of decided to ignore the real finals tomorrow and pretend to be the worl champions. We would have deserved it, that’s for sure!

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2 Antworten zu All good things…

  1. Ford & Alyson schreibt:

    Congratulations on the WIN! We were following along and rooting for you. Sounds as though you were having a wonderful time. Also, I didn’t comment but I like your new living quarters as well. A very nice looking place.


  2. Isabel schreibt:

    Yes, Germany should have won!!

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