Guess what I did on Saturday?

I got up at 5.30 and spend the whole day on a flea market selling all sorts of crabby stuff from our basement! I did not have high hopes to sell a lot, but wanted to try! I went with a friend, her Mum, her sister, another friend and my two sisters. Boy, did we have fun. The last time I actually sold stuff was about 15 years ago on a kids flea market in my village. Never have I done this as an adult, but I loved the whole experience. We had great weather, lots of customers and actually made more money than expected. And I got rid of old clothes, bags and books! Can’t wait for next year and my bank account is jumping up and down from joy as well!

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3 Antworten zu Guess what I did on Saturday?

  1. Ford & Alyson schreibt:

    Too cool. Aly and I love making our way through honest to goodness flea markets. Glad you made some money!

  2. Berlinbound schreibt:

    Flea markets are great fun!

    Stay cool!

  3. boots schreibt:

    I love a good flea market too. We have yard sales here; in fact, Kendra and I will be having one soon. I look forward to it actually. I hope we make a little money too and are able to get rid of some things of ours which we now call „junk“.

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