Travel Plans

My last „real“ vacation (my definition is very special: a real vacation means getting on a plane and fly to a different country, not skiing, no weekend city trip) was in 2004, when I travelled in Patagonia and spend 4 months in Argentina. Last year, I neither had time nor money to travel and this year, it’s the same thing.

Now that I have a job and at least some idea, what I will do and where I will live next year, I am officially planning a trip next year. At the moment, I am considering three countries.

My choice will depend on:
a) Travel time (either spring, summer, fall or winter 2007)
b) Money
c) My brother
d) Money

The choices are:
1. Thailand
+ very cheap
+ great country to get a feeling for Asia
+ beaches and culture
+ good winter destination
– relatively expensive flight
– humidity
– three weeks minimum (could be a + as well)

2. Spain (Andalucia)
+ I speak the language
+ easy to reach from Germany (Train or Plane)
+ could be arranged with very little planning
+ culture and beaches
– daily expenses would be pretty high (compared to Asia)

3. Canada
+ I’d get to see my three kids
+ I know a lot of people (in Ontario)
+ West Coast Canada is high on my must-see-list
+ I speak the language
– only a summer option which means
– very expensive flights
– very high expenses for travelling
– depends on my brother (he might get an internship in Canada next spring)

I am sort of leaning towards Thailand, because I really think, that I should do the longer flights and „exotic“ destinations while I am still young. I can still travel in Europe, once I have a family or when I am 75 🙂

So I spend my commute reading travel guides and brochures, thinking about my next vacation…
I even found this great page, that generates a customized packaging list!

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4 Antworten zu Travel Plans

  1. Ford & Alyson schreibt:

    One comment: You are awesome. Any of those trips would be and will be fantastic and you speak the language. Unreal. Go for it.

  2. Isabel schreibt:

    I hear Thailand is an amazing place to visit. We have a few friends that have been and say how wonderful it is (plus it’s super cheap).

    British Columbia is so much fun. We go there a lot. But you are right, it isn’t cheap. If you do go, Ken and I promise to drive up to Vancouver to meet you!!

    Good luck deciding!

  3. dulebstnureinmal schreibt:

    Hallo Katja!
    Ich bastel mir auch gerade einen Blog mit WordPress. Dein Blog gilt für mich als großes Vorbild, da ich ihn einfach klasse finde. Besonders die Kategorien finde ich einfallsreich! 🙂
    Was die Reisepläne angeht: Wir waren 1 Woche in Andalusien. Absolut empfehlenswert! Aber gegen Thailand etc. hätte ich auch nix gehabt – aber: das liebe Geld… Ich hoffe, du findest noch ein schönes Urlaubsziel! Liebe Grüße, HdM-Diana

  4. FirstLucia schreibt:

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