Weekend Fun

Every couple of months, I meet up with my three favorite (okay, only) Au-Pair Friends. We all met during our Au Pair year in Wisconsin. A very mixed combination, but glued together by one exciting year in our lives. Most of the time, we all meet – sometimes, like this weekend, one of us can’t come. We missed you!

We sort of gave up on the idea of actually DOING something while we meet and pick up on our amrican traditions: we eat, talk and watch movies. Sometimes for days at a time. No difference this year.

We ate:

* taco chips with Salsa
* two big breakfasts
* Raclette
* Gummibärchen
* more chips
* ice cream

We saw:

* An unfinished life
* Bee Season
* The Weatherman
* Derailed
* Seven years in Tibet (half of the movie)

We talked about:

* our next meeting (in Brussels)
* a road trip to the Midwest
* studying
* working
* families
* friends
* movies
* gossip in Hollywood

All in all, a perfect Saturday with wonderful friends!

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3 Antworten zu Weekend Fun

  1. Viktoria schreibt:

    I Absolutely Loved It – Thanks
    Have An Awesome Week…
    And I ll See Ya Soon – BRUSSELS Here We Come

  2. Viktoria schreibt:

    …and just for the record: Marcus Brewer aka Mike is the guy from About
    A Boy…

  3. Isabel schreibt:

    Sounds like you guys had a good time.

    (and I LOVE the look of the new site!)

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