Last week

  • Friday: Bachelorette Party for one of my best friends. A day at a spa with a wonderful dinner afterwards. Evening ended on a negative note, but it was fun nontheless!
  • Saturday: The big IKEA frenzy of 2006. I got my dream closet, stuff for the kitchen, but no bed! IKEA was packed to the limit and there was a lot of tension. First time I actually thought people might get into a physical fight in the bedroom section. FUN!
    Afterwards, we continued moving and assembling my new furniture in my new apartment. In the evening, I had a dance lesson along with a lot of my friends, who are going to the wedding as well. And the bride and groom of course! Also fun!
  • Sunday: more moving and unpacking!
  • Monday: working, shopping for all kinds of stuff for my apartment!
  • Tuesday: working and afterwards assembling MORE furniture with my Dad and brother!
  • Wednesday: first night to actually sit down and watch some TV!
  • Thursday: last day of work before my 2-week-vacation. Yes! Back home to my parents house for the big day on….
  • Friday: aka the Wedding Day of one of my best friends. We spend the whole day there, with the 1 o’clock highlight: the wedding at city hall (in Germany, everybody HAS to get married at city hall, church is optional).
  • Saturday: more packing and shopping for a trash can, which was harder, than it sounds. Evening at my friends gorgeous new place!
  • Sunday: Sleeping, catching up on my favorite blogs, deciding what to buy at IKEA…
  • ….where I will go right now with my Mum and sisters! Again!
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Eine Antwort zu Last week

  1. Melanie schreibt:

    Hey Katja,
    DAS nenn ich mal wirklich eine „busy week“! Ja, ist wirklich schade, dass wir uns nicht mehr gesehen haben, aber 1. Komm ich ja schliesslich auch irgendwann mal wieder, und 2. kannst du mich ja auch besuchen kommen 😉
    Und es gibt ja auch noch die Blogs und eMails usw… 🙂

    Viele liebe Gruesse aus South Orange!

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