Weddings are exhausting. Especially, when you are not only there to celebrate, but to help and do presentations etc. during the evening. We got there on Friday afternoon, luckily, most of the decorating work was already done! Not a very long night, as we (well, not me) had to bake four cakes between 11 pm and 1.30 am…

As we stayed at the house of the grooms mother, we had to carefully plan shower time! Not that easy with 20+ people sleeping there at one point. The wedding yesterday afternoon was beautiful. The pastor was funny and held a touching sermon. The bride and groom were as happy and beautiful as possible and the weather was perfect. One of those special september days. Still quite warm, but you could already feel fall coming!

I read a prayer at church and was a bit nervous. Not the reading part scared me. I was afraid I would get to sentimental and start crying… Well, we all were pretty brave and held it together. The party afterwards was also great. Eating and drinking and dancing and talking! We showed a movie about the happy couple and, as a gift, gave them a camcorder we bought months ago! They had thought, that the camera was mine… Big success again as they did not suspect anything (they were not so amused, when they found out it was us who stole all their photo albums). We went to bed at about 4 am and got up at 9 to clean up the room we celebrated in. Now, I just want to sleep. One more day of freedom tomorrow and then it is back to work. Not too excited about it, but who is after a nice 2-week-vacation!?!

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