Kevin and Leonie

Kevin and Leonie are only the most recent victims of child abuse in Germany. How is it possible, that small children are so neglected by their parents and the public authorities, that nobody notices, when they die? Kevin and Leonie suffered for their whole life and had to die alone. They were never loved or wanted or cared for. Shouldn’t we all look out for signs? Look out for overwhelmed neighbors and offer help? Shouldn’t we put the child’s right above the parent’s right and take abused kids away from them? And shouldn’t parents, who are not able to raise their children have a place to go to and to get help? All of our concerns and asking questions will not bring those kids back, but it might help us to get to a place, where this will not happen again. Ever!

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  1. Ford schreibt:

    I am not a capital punishment advocate, still, it is events like this that stirs a feeling of repulsion and if I am being honest – of wanting to exact revenge on the person(s) responsible. If not the death penalty, then life in prison to prevent the possibility of any child from ever being harmed by that person again. My paper just reported a father who had locked his 9 year old son in his room for years, complete with remote cameras monitoring his every move, every minute of every day. The boy was „allowed“ to go to the bathroom 1 time each day. I have no sympathy for the father. None. Zero. I never want him free to live in our community or anyone else’s ever again.

    I’m sorry this happened in your country. I’m sorry for the child.


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