The Devil wears Prada

What a funny movie. I was sort of reluctant going to see this movie, but I truly enjoyed it. Unbelievable, that there really is a world like this out there somewhere. That people are engaged in clothes and fashion and not much else. Meryl Streep is fascinating as the magazine editor and Anne Hathaway plays the grown-up-role of the Princess Diaries… Ugly duckling gets to be the pretty swan for a while until she realizes where she really belongs. If you enjoy a funny and entertaining film, go for it!

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Eine Antwort zu The Devil wears Prada

  1. Johnny schreibt:

    The sad thing is that I worked for a woman like the M.S. character. You just subtitute „clothes“ for „software“ and it was almost the same thing.

    I remember the day she looked at me and said, „You disappoint me“.

    Almost quit the next day. Almost!

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