Will Harry Potter die?

Okay, tonight I listened in to a really great conversation two, maybe 9 or 10 year old girls, were having on the bus. I will recall it in English, so everybody gets to enjoy it:

Girl 1: I really like Harry Potter. He is such a nice guy….
Girl 2:  Me  too. I read all the books in  the summer and my big sister even read one book in just 2 days.
Girl 1: I  just saw the movies.
Girl 2: Do you think he will die in the end?
Girl 1: No, of course not. I mean, the books are not called „Harry Potter dies“, they are JUST called Harry Potter. And he is the hero and heroes never die (this is where she has got it totally wrong). And besides: the comics are just called Mickey Mouse and Mickey never died either!
I nearly fell off my seat laughing. They were so sincere and convinced that Harry will survive. Unfortunately, I am not. Cant’t wait for the last book, but I will be very sad to see him go (he will disappear from our lives in any case, dead or alive :-)!

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