Top 5 Children’s Books Authors/ Illustrators from Germany, Part Two

Part One

2. For my second installment, I chose one of the best German illustrators (in my opinion), Nikolaus Heidelbach. I am usually not a very big picture book fan and if I like a book, it is normally because of its story, not its illustrations. But Nikolaus Heidelbach… I am telling you… Every time I see one of his books, I am utterly fascinated. As it is always better to let pictures speak for themselves, I urge you to check out the Andersen Fairy-Tales he illustrated here. He has a very serious approach to illustrating and he doesn’t belittle the children or adults that look at his art. The colours he uses are sort of muted and don’t scream at you from across the room. Why should they, when they can speak in soft voices and lure you in with their mere presence? For me the real beauty of book illustrations lies in the whole artwork: a book, to me, can be more beautiful than any building or painting. The problem is, that you can forget about their potential beauty because of all the ugly books around. Heidelbachs books remind you of the possibilities there are and present the reader with an absolutely timeless gift to keep forever.

One of his books, Where the girls are, is available on in English.

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