Libraries mean a lot to me. I don’t think there ever was a time in my life, from the moment my Mom taught me to read on a porch in Spain, that I did not go to the library. As a kid, I read so much, that bringing me to the library was the only thing my Mom actually could do. I read myself through the children’s library, that was in a seperate building, until I was about 10 years old. In addition, my Dad used to bring me books from the library at his work place. Even on vacation (we went to the same place at the North Sea twice for looong 3 weeks in summer), I got a vacation pass at the library there. Still remember, that I prefered going there in the afternoon to going to the beach. Well, I was a weird kid after all. Libraries are such great places really. You can just sit back and enjoy the quiet or you can take home books you can’t afford or don’t want to buy. They let you check out CDs to listen to and movies to watch. They have Internet access, so anywhere in the world, where I did not find an Intern café, I just turned to a local library and was never turned away. Now, I feel very lucky to have a reasonably sized local library in walking distance. And the big central library is just a 10-minute bis ride away. I cannot imagine my life without the opportunity to go to a library whenever I feel like it!

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Eine Antwort zu Libraries

  1. Jessi schreibt:

    Libraries really are magnificent places, aren’t they? I’ve always relied heavily on them, and spent a few years volunteering/working in a couple even. Now, the huge library that was within walking distance to me and was something like 13 floors high, is shut down for reconstruction and it’s almost devastating. Last year, it was my escape….regardless of whether I needed a book to read or a computer to use, I could walk through for a few minutes and find myself in a whole new world. Truly delightful.

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