Kyrill is gone

Kyrill is almost gone and has left behind a lot of chaos and at least 10 dead people in Germany. We were all very lucky here in Stuttgart I guess, as I did not see any major damage when I was out today. However, and that is a first in post-war Germany, all the inter-city trains, every single one of them, stopped last night. Thousands of people were stuck in train stations and in cold ICE’s… Not too cosy I think. I went to my school this morning (the one they closed at 4 pm yesterday afternoon) and they had a lot of damaged doors there. The force of wind simply pushed through. Insurance companies are estimating, that the damages will cost about 1 Billion Euros.
And now, I suppose, winter is coming. It better does, as I do not intend to stand in 15° Celsius weather at a Biathlon track and watch the athletes ski on a narrow band of artificial snow… Today, it felt (although still windy) like springtime. Sun, a bit of rain here and there and ridiculously mild temperatures! Enough weather talk for now. Enjoy your weekend everyone. I won’t, as I will have to study and I don’t really wanna…. (insert whiny voice here).

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5 Antworten zu Kyrill is gone

  1. Isabel schreibt:

    Wow…that is insane. Stay warm.

  2. Lulu schreibt:

    So glad you’ll made it through ok. In recent years we have had so many hurricanes hit here in the US especially in the warm ocean areas. Don’t know why I never thought that would happen to you all. I haven’t checked on my family yet. (Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Bavaria) So hard for us to communicate. Was surprised to get a Christmas package last week in the usual Deutsche Post perfect condition.

    Hope the rest of your winter is a good one!

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  4. scarpe schreibt:

    Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!

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