Snow, wonderful Snow

Oh my, lots happened since I’ve last logged into this little blog of mine. By now, I probably lost all my readers, but I am just way to uninspired and busy at the moment. I am sure my motivation will be back soon. Well, let me recap the last weeks for y’all:

  • After Kyrill, the storm, snow hit Southern Germany. And I mean BIG time. On Wednesday morning, everything broke down. Traffic, Public transportation… you name it. I was pretty lucky, as my trains were still rolling and I got to work about 3 minutes later than usual! Yay me!
  • Finally, after two weekends of no fun and just studying, I had my one and only exam this semester yesterday (for my part-time college class)! I am so relieved, that it went by pretty well and that I most likely passed it.
  • Soo, soo excited, that award season is here again. I love watching the Golden Globes and the Oscars…. I love it so much, that I did the most stupid thing ever: I got up at 2 am to watch the Globes. Went back to sleep from 5 to 6.30 and then went to work. That day, I was feeling wonderful. Not tired at all. But getting up the day after this, was just horrible. I will still do it again on Feb. 25th! I will post my Oscar predictions sometime soon. Love it that Ryan Gosling got nominated. And Abigail Breslin. Very talented younger actors in my opinion.
  • I am very VERY angry with iTunes. Listening to the Ebert & Roeper Movie podcast has been one of my favourite monday-morning-going-to-work things for almost two years. And now they stopped updating the feed. Apparently, you can buy the video thingy for 1.99. But, as always, not here in Germany. It makes me so mad, that they had to ruin a good thing….
  • Last weekend, after a day of studying, I watched the most boring movie ever (well, in a long time anyway): The Break-Up. I mean, why would anyone want to make a movie (and a light and ‚romantic‘ one for that matter) about people breaking up? So not what anyone wants to see. And no Happy End either…
  • One of my best friends had to cancel our vacation in two weeks. She has to have surgery on her knee. Ouch. Luckily, my sister took her spot and we are still six people going to the faboulus Biathlon World Cup in Italy. Yay! Can’t wait, especially since I really really need a vacation by now. Christmas was a long time ago.
  • My birthday is coming up, and, as an added bonus, my Fiji-Friend Regina is coming back from her internship the day after. I love birthdays. Especially my own ones. And this year, I might just get the best present ever: a bed. Since August, I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor of my apartment.
  • As you can see, nothing really exciting happend, but for now, this is just what I need.
    Wishing you all a peaceful and quiet weekend!
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Eine Antwort zu Snow, wonderful Snow

  1. eva schreibt:

    I miss Ebert & Roper as well! Have you seen „The Prestige“ yet? LOVED it!
    Hope to see you soon.

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