Sneak Preview

I am really not sure, if there is something like a Sneak Preview in the US or elsewhere in the world. Here in Germany, it is pretty popular. All you do is buy a movie ticket without knowing, what you will see. As I am a pretty cheap person and hate spending money for things I don’t need (or movies I will hate), I haven’t done this very often. Three times to be exact. First time sucked. Really sucked. We saw some strange exorcism movie with Winona Ryder… Lost Souls! Second time was better. A german movie abou a turkish girl, who played soccer and had breast cancer… „Eine andere Liga“!

And last week, I tried again with a friend: we went to see the original version sneak preview and we were so afraid we would have to watch Mr. Bean! I think we would have left 🙂
Well, we got to see „Stomp the yard„. Never heard about it before, never even knew about steppin‚ either! The movie was weird at the beginning but got better. The story itself wasn’t a hit (think cheerleader team wants to win a major competition, only with black guys), but the dance scenes and the very good-looking guys! A treat for our tired eyes! And who knows, we might actually try it again!

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