On the finish line

Almost eight months done, one more to go. All weekend (and there is one more day to my weekend, as we have a holiday tomorrow due to Pentecost) I have been studying and preparing for the final presentation for the college classes I take. Already I know, just how relieved I will be, once this is over and I can go back to ‚just‘ working five days a week… Can’t wait until July!

Not to mention the three-week-vacation I will have in late July/ early August. As I do not have anyone, I can travel with, I will be treating myself to a trip to Hamburg. Alone. I know, travelling alone seems scary for many people and they could not imagine doing it, but to me, it feels just right. I have done it lots and lots of times before, mostly during my year in the US and my stay in Argentina. And I ALWAY met nice people along the way!

Here, in Germany and Europe, I have mainly travelled with family and friends. However, the last family trip I took with my parents and all of my three siblings was 7 years ago. Now, we usually go our seperate ways. My brother went to Italy for Easter, my parents will be going to Norway in 3 weeks and my sisters are planning their first ‚real‘ vacation with just friends (and no family) in the Netherlands for August.

Scheduling vacation time with friends proves to be quite hard as well. We are all on different life-paths at the moment. Some are still in college, some are married or in a serious relationship and others, like me, are single and not willing to be the third wheel on any occasion 🙂 I will see, how this mini-vacation turns out and for next year, I have great vacation-plans already. They involve me, my three Au-Pair-buddies, a road trip from Florida up the east coast to NYC and a trip to Toronto to see my canadian family at the end! We’ll see, if it happens…

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2 Antworten zu On the finish line

  1. Jody schreibt:

    I very much enjoyed traveling alone, and it is without question the aspect of life I miss most now. I only wish I had done more — a good friend used to road-trip long distances, and I never found the resources (no car) or time. I wish I had been more creative, as I love driving alone.

    Although any travel alone in any part of Europe sounds absolutely perfect right now.

  2. Richard schreibt:

    Been a long time since I was last here … Hope all goes well with the exam – and the holiday …


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