New Design

Gotta love WordPress! As you might have seen, I am currently experimenting with new designs. As I do not have the money and time (yet) to host my own blog with my own design, I still like to try out other Themes from WordPress. Additionally, I am trying to motivate myself to blog more frequently by taking a photo every day and post it with a little story.

I even missed my blogiversary last week… Two years and still counting! I am so not ready to put blogging behind me. A feeling in my gut tells me, that the best is yet to come and who am I to cut the few people, that still come here and read this out of my virtual life now! So keep coming back, keep the comments coming (as they often make my day) and if you have never commented here before (or in a long time), feel free to de-lurk and say Hi!

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Eine Antwort zu New Design

  1. Isabel schreibt:

    Looks good.

    And also, „hello“!

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