The sun is shining. I am writing an important paper today, that I sort of didn’t pay attention to for much too long… My curtains are blocking the sun out of my room, but they are also my inspiration today. I stare at them, while I am trying to find the right words. I stare at them, wishing I could just get up and leave everything behind for the day (or week or month). I stare at them, as I calculate the days, I still have to work until my 3-week-holiday (27). I stare at them, trying to convince myself, that I am not really in a bad place right now, even if it feels like it. I stare at them, as I indeed feel so lucky, that I have this apartment and this life and my friends and my family.

(And yes, I am very emotional and thoughtful at the moment. The funeral of a very good friend of my Mom sort of started it last week…)

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