Free Climbing

Yesterday, I spend the afternoon chaperoning a field trip to a local climbing park! It was so moch fun, but today, I can barely lift my arms… I am really really exhausted! The Kids (we did a summer holiday program) had an absolute blast and showed us grown-ups, how to climb really fast. Well, they’ve not got any weight to carry around… I am poud to say though, that I did climb everything they told us to! Yesterday, I already posted pictures of me and my Dad; we managed the team ladder together!

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Eine Antwort zu Free Climbing

  1. Craig schreibt:

    My first and so far only rock climbing experience was on a limestone rock face at a resort in the southern Philippines. I managed to climb about thirty feet, but my limbs wore out before I could get to the ledge forty feet up that would have given me a chance to rest and recover. That was a year and a half ago and I still get a twinge in my right shoulder every time I raise my arm above my head.

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