30 Things to do before 30 (in no particular order)

  1. Find a job I love, that loves me back!
  2. Travel to Indochina
  3. Travel to Australia and New Zealand
  4. Start saving money for my retirement
  5. Visit at least 5 more UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  6. Cycle around Lake Constance
  7. Start AND finish reading a Jane Austen Novel
  8. Have my very own and unique and customized blog on my very own domain, that nobody can take away from me. Ever.
  9. Take a digital SLR photography class
  10. Interview my Grandparents about their childhood memories and get it on film
  11. Buy a film camera
  12. Take a sailing lesson to see, if I like it
  13. Take climbing lessons, as I am pretty sure, that I like it
  14. Show Germany to my Canadian Family
  15. Brush up my French
  16. Take another Spanish class, preferably in Andalucia
  17. Visit one new European capital a year (this year, it is Vienna; I am still missing Madrid, Lissabon, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Bratislava, Rome….)
  18. Lose 10 pound
  19. Attend the Olympic Games in either Vancouver or London (okay, I will be 30 by then…)
  20. Learn not to say yes when I really mean no
  21. Create my Family Tree with the help of my Aunt and my Grandpa
  22. Keep in touch with the people I love
  23. Grow my hair long (for the very last time, if I still do not like it)
  24. Join some sort of book or movie club
  25. See the northern lights
  26. Stay up all night and watch the sun rise
  27. Volounteer my time by reading to children as a „Vorlesepate“
  28. Spend a few days with my best girlfriends in a remote cabin in the mountains without fighting
  29. Plan a huge birthday party for my 30th birthday and invite all my friends and family
  30. The last one, I am keeping to myself as I do not want to jinx this one…. I might share when I am 30!

It is really good, that I still got almost 4 1/2 years, right?!

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