Shut up and Sing

Back in November, I discovered the Dixie Chicks and their music. Of course, I had heard some songs before, but it was „I’m not ready to make nice“, that really got to me! Last night, I finally got to see the documentary „Shut up and sing“ at my local movie theater! First of all, I love documentarys. I wasn’t expecting another ‚Bowling for Columbine‘, but I sure had pretty high expectations. And they were mostly fulfilled. The movie chronicles the Band’s high rise until the fatal comment by Natalie Maines in London, that she is ashamed, that President Bush is from Texas, the horrible and scary reactions to this comment throughout the USA and their comeback in 2006 with their new album. The Dixie Chicks are portraited as very funny and open-minded girls, that did not ever expect, that their voices would be heard somewhere else as on Country Radio! And I laughed very very hard during the FUTK scene. Hilarious!
If you haven’t yet, go see it!

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