Lotto Jackpot

There’s only one important thing happening in Germany today: the highest Lotto Jackpot ever might be given away tonight at 7.55 pm. The lucky winner can take away 38 Mio. Euros, thats roughly 57 US $! That is a lot of money. More than any person could ever need I think. If I’d win, I’d split with my family, but would keep it to myself from the rest of the world. And the I would give away most of it to people who need it more than I do. I would definitely travel a lot and buy myself a nice house to live in whenever I am not travelling 🙂

As today is December 1st as well, my Mom had the clever idea of giving us all the chance to play Lotto tonight (the ticket was in our Christmas Calendar). My Dad just send away the numbers (we play online of course, no waiting in line 🙂 and tonight, we will all be able to watch the drawing and hope for the impossible.

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  1. Isabel schreibt:

    So, did you win?

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