Feeling Christmasy

This year, I had a lot of time to get into the Christmas spirit. Without a job and basically spending all my time at my parents house, I had time to listen to Christmas music, read Christmas stories, wrap presents and bake Christmas cookies. This year, I’d really like the time to slow down a bit more, as there are still so many things I haven’t done and I know, that the new year will bring a new job (thank the Lord! As relaxing as all this sounds, it is also at times quite boring)! I am looking forward to a new working place, but I am so not looking forward to the whole process of decision making and interviewing, that will eventually get me there.

I met with to two of my friends last night and they both mentioned, that 2007 sucked in a major way. That it was their worst year ever. I did not agree then and I’ve thought about it some more since and still do not agree. It’s true, my 2007 was not a very good year (I mean, I lost my job, so what’s good about that) and I still did not go on a proper vacation, but all in all, it was quite uneventful and okay. And, for me, 2005 was the absolute worst year ever for numerous reasons and 2007 didn’t even come close. I still hope, that 2008 will be bringing some good things for a change and not end up being just okay as well!

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