Bad dream

Long time, no post, or so it seems. It is still early morning here and I just got up after a long night of weird dreams. One was bad in particular, as someone I haven’t seen or talked to in 12+ years, died and it was just horrible. it all took place in my home-village and apart from him, another 2 guys from there, that I do not even really know, also died. I frustrates me to no end, that I can’t grasp, why I had that dream. Or why it upsets me so much… As I’ve been having vivid dreams all week long, I sure hope, that this phase will be over soon…

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Eine Antwort zu Bad dream

  1. Craig schreibt:

    I think Duesseldorf must be clearing some space on your mental hard drive. It’s probably alright if they just died in your dreams and not in real life.

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