Obsessed with names

I’ve always been interested in names. I think, they do mean something and I strongly believe, that a person’s character is also shaped by their first name. So oviously, I find it extremly interesting to hear about funny and crazy and unusual names. Best example: Shooter Manhattan. A family here in Germany wants to give that name to their Baby Boy. For real. You must know, that German law does not allow such unusual names and the family is willing to go to court for the right to do so. They say, that David Beckhams son Brooklyn and the name of country singer Shooter Jennings gives them the justification they would need. 

As one of my best friends will be having a baby girl in August (and they do not want to name the child after a city or fruit or anything like that), I am having fun suggesting names for her and her husband. I doubt, they will actually take one of my suggestions into consideration, but I really don’t care either 🙂 

Last night, I suggested: 

  • Inga
  • Madeleine (Leni)
  • Marlene (Leni)
  • Antonia (Toni)
  • Kira
  • Ina (KatharINA)
  • Luisa
  • Mara
  • Linda
  • Linnea (Linn)
  • Madita
  • Lydia
  • Lilith
  • Elinor (Nora) 
  • Franziska

And back in December, I suggested even more names. As fun as it is, I am sort of glad, that I do not have to make the decision now…

What do you think about names? Do you like yours (I do) and would you name your child Shooter Manhattan?

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