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Last Sunday, we had a semi-surprise baby shower for one of my best friends and her husband! They will be having their baby girl in mid-August and we are all so excited for the baby to get here! As she will be the very first baby in my circle of friends, we decided to have a baby shower for them. This is not something you ususally do in Germany. Some even consider it to be bad luck to give presents to the parents before the baby gets here!

However, we are no sticklers for traditions and we had the shower! The theme was „Girls can be Football (soccer) Fans, too!“ and we had cake and gifts and decorations, that had either pink or soccer in them! The parents-to-be were so happy and excited and truly appreciated everything we had done for them! We gave them a crib as the „big“ present and lots of small and funny stuff like this or this or this!

We even played three games: first, we had everybody bring a baby picture and we all had to guess who is who. Quite difficult, but the pregnant lady proved to have the best instincts and only got two pictures wrong. The baby quiz was fun too and we finished off the games by a round of tasting baby food (very disgusting btw). One of my (male) friends had the best taste buds an guessed most ingredients correctly.

And after the party, we watched Germany lose to Spain in the EURO-Final-Match… That part was a bit depressing, but Spain deserved to win! The Hamburgers we made were delicious though as were all the cakes, the weather and the mood of everyone invited. A truly great party for all of us and most likely the last time I have seen this group of people all together before the newest addition to our group will get here in about 6 weeks!

More pictures on Flickr, you can click on the Sun above!

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