Grace is Gone

Last night, I met up with one of my favorite movie buddies in Cologne and we went to see „Grace is Gone„. A very quiet and sometimes painful movie about a husband and two girls, whose wife and mother is killed in the Iraq war. The Dad, played by John Cusack, has no idea at all, how to tell his daughters and instead of talking to them, takes them on a cross-country-road-trip to Florida! I did like the movie, beause it was narrated from such a unique perspective. And I was blown away by the performance of Shélan O’Keefe, who played the older daughter Heidi in such a serious and yet believable way. This movie is in no way a blockbuster or something, that you will remember forever, but it gives you a glimpse of what it must be like in so many families in the US and elsewhere, when a loved one is killed.
It got a mere 58% on Rotten Tomatoes by the way, one of my favorite movie sites, but who cares…

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Eine Antwort zu Grace is Gone

  1. Craig schreibt:

    My wife and I were going to see that movie here in Manila and would have if it had gotten the full two week run at the Mall of Asia multiplex. Cusack alone is reason to go. When I visited Germany in 2002 movies there seemed expensive. Ticket prices in Manila have gone up since then from P60 (a little more than one US dollar) to P130 (almost three US dollars).

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