Fall turns to Winter

Where have I been? Hard to say, but lots has happened in the past weeks. Not ready to talk about it here, but let’s just say, that it is a very good thing! Four weeks of not posting and fall has officially turned to winter. This is what I woke up to this morning – and my colleagues all said, that it never snows here…

Well, I sure will enjoy this winter weekend. Who knows, this might be the coldest it gets here in Duesseldorf.
As there are a couple of things, I really want to share, I’ll use the infamous bullet points:

  • Still recovering from another nasty Seitenstrangina. Almost two weeks now and still not healthy. Well I am getting there and next time, I might really try some alternative medicine (and no more penicillin)!
  • Spent last weekend in Berlin, where my friend R. is living now. She has a great place and lives in a completely different part of town as my aunt, where I usually stay (and who is in Australia at the moment).
  • So excited, that Christmas time is almost here. Totensonntag is tomorrow and after that, I can officially get out the decorations and listen to my favorite X-Mas Music.
  • Looking forward to Wintersport-Season starting again; as a matter of fact, I am watching the first Cross-Country-Ski-Race right now. 2 weeks until my favorite sport Biathlon starts again. Go Magdalena, Go Michi, Go Ali, Go Kathrin, Go Kathi…
  • I need to be fit for next weekend, as I will go home and have lots of plans to spend time with friends and family.
  • Got started with X-Mas shopping, made a list and already got a head start on it. Yay!
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