Spring is coming

I don’t want to jinx it, but it feels a little bit like spring today… It defenitely is much warmer and my boyfriend seems to feel it too: he is planting herbs for our balcony as we speak (we keep them inside for sprouting…)

This picture was taken on March 27th last year (election day, the day we got the first green head of state in Germany!).

And I really really hope it will look like that again very soon…

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Eine Antwort zu Spring is coming

  1. acfm85 schreibt:

    Our azaleas are blooming, we’ve picked peppers already and the orange and lemon trees are filled with blossoms and bees.
    Spring has sprung and as much as I enjoy the season – I can’t help but remind myself that our hot, humid Florida summer is slowly inching its way towards us 🙂

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