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Soccer Party

This pic is a week old, but I think it really represents the state Germany is still in. There are flags everywhere, which is new for us, because flags were always seen as something nationalistic! And people are soo excited … Weiterlesen

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Ein Aufschrei der Erleichterung…

…geht durch Deutschland. 1:0 gewonnen in einem Fußballspiel, das so manches graue Haar hervorgerufen haben dürfte. So gut haben wir gespielt und so wenig ist dabei rumgekommen – bis zur 91. Minute und dem Tor der Erleichterung! Jetzt können wir … Weiterlesen

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Soccer World Cup

I am pretty sure, that most people do not know, what major sports event will be hosted by Germany in the next weeks. People in Germany HAVE to know, because there is absolutely no way, that anyone could have missed … Weiterlesen

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Cerro Torre – Der unmögliche Berg

Mitte letzter Woche war ich bei einem Vortrag mit Lesung und Film von Peter Meier-Hüsing, der das Buch Der unmögliche Berg geschrieben hat. Sehr spannend und interessant hat er von der Geschichte der Erstbesteigung des Cerro Torre in Patagonien geschrieben. … Weiterlesen

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Talk, Talk, Talk

This weekend, two of my best friends visited me in Cologne. For me, it was a very special visit, because I felt, that we really connected again. It is hard to really stay friends, once you live in different places … Weiterlesen

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Sissi and Franzl – a love story?

Who are the myserious Sissi and Franz I keep writing about? Well, they were Elisabeth of Bavaria, Empress consort of Austria and her husband Emperor Franz Joseph I. of Austria. In the german-speaking world, they are better known as Sissi … Weiterlesen

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I am moving again

Next week, I am starting my new job in a city close to Stuttgart. Pretty funny, as it means moving back after only three months in Cologne. I am sooo excited, because this new job is something I really want … Weiterlesen

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Salzburg rocks

Just got back from an interesting and exciting weekend in Salzburg and the Salzkammergut with a very good friend. We had a workshop there from Friday afternoon until this morning and decided to extend the trip to 1 day in … Weiterlesen

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Salzburg, I’m coming

Lots of exciting stuff happening in my life right now, but I can’t go into any details yet. And I am off to Salzburg, Austria tomorrow. Should be an interesting weekend with a great friend. More details to come next … Weiterlesen

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My Mom

So many of you asked about the picture I shared for Mother’s Day and so I thought I’d share the whole slide. We made a pretty nice Slideshow for my parents 25th wedding anniversary 3 years ago and this particular … Weiterlesen

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Für meine Mama

… weil du mich zur Welt gebracht hast! … weil du immer für mich da bist! … weil du mir lesen beigebracht hast! … weil du mich immer gehen lässt, obwohl du mich vermisst! … weil du mich immer wieder … Weiterlesen

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Great Find

This was my absolute favorite tea in the US and I have been trying to find it here ever since I’ve been back. They carry it at a rather large coffeeshop and when the first stores of that chain opened … Weiterlesen

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Katjas neuste Lesetipps

Lange her, dass ich mal einige Buchtipps gegeben habe, aber es ist auch lange her, dass ich mal zwei Bücher in Folge gelesen habe, über die sich ein Bericht überhaupt lohnt. Drachenläufer von Kahled Hosseini In einem Rutsch durchgelesen habe … Weiterlesen

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String Cheese Incident

Everybody has a song or a certain kind of music, that awakes memories. Good ones and bad ones. And if you are lucky, one of those songs can just turn a whole day around. As I stepped out of work … Weiterlesen

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Seen in an old train station on May 1st. My Mom used to have one like the one in the middle on the left side of the photo when she was little!

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